At WUD, we firmly believe that comfort shall not be a privilege, but rather a daily sensation. For us comfort means the responsibility of ensuring a feeling of lightness and ease, guaranteeing absolute freedom of movement, and allowing individuals to embrace every moment with confidence and ease.

The material aspect is paramount for WUD, starting from the fundamental component of all our products: our flexible-wooden sole.

We have been producing footwear with wooden soles for over 60 years now, and our passion has driven us to explore new possibilities, approaching innovation as a continuous process. We have studied, experimented, tested, and refined various anatomical solutions for our soles – The current WUD sole is the culmination of our dedicated efforts.

The essence of WUD is intertwined with wood. We have worked with wood for generations considering it a virtuous raw material for its intrinsic characteristics – lightweight, thermoregulation and resistance – which determine its great ability to withstand wear and degradation.

Wood is a perfect natural raw material to ensure maximum comfort and durability, significantly extending the lifespan of our soles compared to alternative materials such as cork or polyurethane and thermoplastic rubbers.

WUD uses FSC-certified natural beech wood together with a repurposed rubber compound made with >60% recycled EVA, to create flexible, anatomical soles, and is designed to be extremely comfortable, breathable and durable, capable of absorbing shocks and vibrations and ensuring proper foot thermoregulation – The wood is dried to a moisture content below 20% to increase its resistance during use. It is then cut and shaped to accommodate the flexible insert made of recycled rubber and milled to give the sole an anatomical shape. Once turned and obtained the final size, it is glued on the recycled-rubber outsole.

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