Pillar: Craftsmanship

WUD - acronym for “whatever you do” - is an Italian functional footwear label established in 2022 for a visionary yet necessary reason: safeguarding artisanal craftsmanship and infusing it with contemporary relevance.

WUD represents the evolution of a family-owned, shoe factory inaugurated in the 1950s, and meticulously upheld over three successive generations.

The artisanal production in the footwear sector has been significantly disrupted by the emergence of mass production and consumption habits, causing widespread negative effects throughout the entire supply chain.

WUD positions itself within this context as a proposition placing artisanal traditions at its core, seamlessly integrating it with elements of sustainable and circular innovation. We strive to represent the balance between traditions and innovations, characterized by continuous exploration of new solutions.

We believe that heritage - our cornerstone to practice consistency against the profound changes in the external environment - can be effectively supplemented by wise innovation, and that innovation can hold the key to its preservation.

We respect traditions as fundamental anchors of our identity and we embrace innovation as a driving force to expand the reach of our artisanal expertise, ensuring contemporary relevance in the constantly-changing modern world.

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