At WUD, we produce genderless slides, sandals and mules, characterized by clean silhouettes, robust designs and meticulous attention to detail, with a signature material identity.

Our products explore the connection between natural materials and innovation, blending traditional artisanal methods and techniques with forward-thinking stylistic concepts and functional design approaches.

The material aspect is paramount for WUD, in continuum with our longstanding focus on natural raw materials – Design choices are crucial to enhance the material aspect, tailoring it to a contemporary style.

The incorporation of padding and overlapping upper panels, along with the light touch of stitching and woven-fabric straps, transform our products into a design element, enhancing its polished and yet unrefined aspect. The careful selection of the color palette, focused on light and neutral shades, with distinctive brighter tints, perfectly complements the material aspect, giving our mules, slides and sandals a natural look-and-feel.

Our audience seeks premium, clean, and versatile products that prioritize comfort and simplicity for everyday use – We cater to creative, minimalist, and conscious individuals with a keen eye for high-fashion and timeless design. Quality over quantity is paramount.

Our permanent collection is conceived to challenge mass-consumption and production habits, prioritizing consistency and consciousness. It will evolve harmoniously with WUD’s philosophy, empowering our audience to embrace conscious consumption while enjoying complete freedom of expression and movement.

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