Pillar: Design

At WUD, we produce genderless slides, sandals and mules, characterized by clean silhouettes, robust designs and meticulous attention to detail, with a signature material identity. Our products explore the connection between natural materials and avant-garde innovation, integrating traditional artisanal methods and techniques with forward-thinking stylistic concepts and functional design approaches.

Our permanent collection is conceived to challenge mass-consumption and production habits, prioritizing consistency and consciousness. It will evolve harmoniously with our philosophy, empowering our audience to embrace conscious consumption while enjoying complete freedom of expression and movement.

The premise of our permanent collection is to embark on a journey to celebrating the beauty of organic forms and the allure of cutting-edge design, creating a unique sartorial symphony that is both timeless and contemporary.

At WUD, we draw our inspiration from enchanting landscapes and vibrant ecosystems, where beauty exists in its purest form. Our permanent collection reflects this ethos, incorporating responsible materials and processes that honour the environment while creating footwear that are as enduring as they are captivating.

The material aspect is paramount for WUD, in continuum with our longstanding focus on natural raw materials - Design choices are crucial to enhance the material aspect, tailoring it to a contemporary style: the insertion of padding, straps and overlapping upper-panels, together with the sculptural wooden sole and the light touch of the stitching, enhance their polished and yet unrefined material aspect.

Our signature flexible-wooden sole combines ethically-sourced, FSC-certified beech wood with a repurposed rubber compound containing 62.5% recycled EVA.

The uppers are made with either regenerated suede, vegetable leather or coated vegan fabric, composed of 55% up-cycled vegetal resins and grape. The lining features vegetable-tanned leather, ensuring every piece embodies sustainability and sophistication.

The careful selection of the color palette - focused on neutral, earthy tones that ground in nature, with distinctive brighter and vibrant hues that evoke the spirit of adventure and discovery - perfectly complements the material aspect, that not only enhance the natural appeal of our pieces but also provide a comforting tactile experience.

WUD understands the dynamic lifestyle of the modern individual. Our collection is designed to offer versatility without compromising on style. From day to night, casual to formal, each piece is crafted to adapt to various occasions, ensuring that every individual always feels confident and sophisticated.

In a world where fashion often leans towards conventional fanfare, WUD dares to stand out celebrating the uniqueness of simplicity. Our products celebrate individuality and personal expression, encouraging everyone to embrace their unique personality, enjoying complete freedom of movement and expression.

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