We are inspired by the unwavering commitment of integrating artisanal practices with sustainable and circular innovation – Our vision stems from the long-standing dedication of our family to preserving invaluable artisanal expertise, severely affected by the advent of mass-production, and to aligning it with modern significance.
At WUD, we recognize the urgency of this purpose and we pledge to uphold the integrity of our traditions while propelling them forward into a more conscious and responsible future.

We are driven by a singular yet enthusiastic purpose: to meticulously craft superior and durable footwear, catering to the needs of every individual and ensuring unparalleled comfort on every instance of use – Whatever you do.

At WUD, being sustainable means embarking on a life-long journey of responsible decisions to pursue innovation while nurturing our traditions – A continuous path of learning and adjusting centered around people and the environment.

The vision of integrating traditional craftsmanship and sustainable innovation is embodied in our attention on the use of natural, recycled, and upcycled raw materials, along with responsible, ISO14001-certified, manufacturing processes to craft superior, durable and comfortable footwear.

WUD is dedicated to becoming the premier option for responsible shopping, seamlessly blending style and functionality – Our products are sustainable because of the intrinsic characteristics of the raw materials that we use: wood and recycled rubber used for our soles and outsoles significantly extend the useful life of our products, compared to alternative materials. The research of innovative, recycled and upcycled materials for the uppers complements our commitment to making durable and comfortable footwear, for everyday use.

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